Cambia tu idioma


Nvll appears as a band at the end of 2006. After the dissolution of the band Jihad that same year, The same original members decide to return to the musical activity starting a completely new project, with new guidelines, although always with the most extreme tendencies of metal as the basis. More convoluted structures influenced by bands like Meshuggah, Chimaira, Textures or Gojira, always searching for more complex intrumental rithms.

For this new project, the band wanted to have an additional member, and that’s when William UJ appears. Ex-vocalist of the bands Yourself and Deafness from Barcelona, he takes over the vocals role, adding new color and personality to the band.

The sum of all these factors has generated 3 years after the band’s first album Nvllcept. Recorded along November and December at Wheel Sound Studio in Cerdañola (Barcelona). 6 complex songs full of energy, obtuse and dense vertices that advance through melodic sounds where who listens to them feels immersed in a trip where every song is an interpretation of the emptiness for each one of us, as well as our frustrations and wishes. Nvllcept is now available for its direct and free download from the band's official web page.


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